Why Embodied Public Spaces?

Why do we create embodied public spaces? Varied types of movement are missing in our public visual landscape. We’re filling them in. Likewise, varied types of body-knowledge are missing from our public discourse/what we know. We’re bringing them in.

When it comes to our bodies and movement, it is as though we are taught (and teach each other) to speak sentences without ever realizing that there’s an alphabet to be learned first. This begins even as children and continues. While there are countless numbers of applications of embodiment in San Francisco and beyond, there is much to understand, communicate and discover about body-literacy itself–before applying it to personal practices, professional fields and modalities.

Embodied public spaces playfully bring to light this underlying fundamental element–body knowledge & experience– that connects so many of the passionate offerings around us.

Be sure to check back in with us, as we’ll be keeping you up-to-date about our progress on our Public Radio Soundscapes and other projects.