We Are…Songbirds

Its a great pleasure to know Ms. Momo from the neighborhood and all her great work as the organizer of the Song Bird Festival. That is why its especially great to share that the Song Bird Festival and We Are=Movement are working together to make our upcoming Free Lecture and Performance series a success.  We’re making it official that the Song Bird Festival has been added to our list of event sponsors.

“Musicians and lovers of music have a direct experience with how movement affects them,” says Katy Fox, Founder and Director of We Are=Movement, “we are thrilled to have the Songbird Festival as one of our sponsors.”  Over nine nights, from April 20th – 29th 2012, an assorted list of speakers will discuss the ways in which movement choice shapes ourselves and our society.  The lecture series will feature thought leaders in the areas of Physical Therapy, Pilates, Dance, Yoga, Computer Science, Physics, Education and Health.

“The Songbird Festival believes in the importance of supporting the community and We Are =Movement’s message is a necessary addition,” says Ms. Momo, Founder of the Songbird Festival.  Since 2009 the Song Bird Festival has worked with local businesses, organizations and artists, to celebrate local musicians and artists.

The lecture series will be free to the public beginning at 7PM each evening at 3344 24th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District.  The 10 day event will kick off with an opening reception featuring art by Rebecca Haseltine and music by member of the Bay Area Gypsy Jazz band, Gaucho. Additional information about We Are=Movement and the lecture series can be found be found here.