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sharing through the lens of body movement

We named our project We Are = Movement in 2012,
in celebration of our first event: a week-long Pop-Up in a storefront in the Mission District of San Francisco.


We asked people from varied fields to share their work with the public through the lens of the body. Participants included a painter, a NASA robotics engineer, a violinist, a public speaker on education reform, a professor of applied sciences, a yoga instructor, amongst others. During the days we set up “The Practice Gallery,” in which people shared their private movement practices in view of the public. It wasn’t performance, it wasn’t a class, it wasn’t a rehearsal. For the duration of a week, people walking to work, people who worked in the neighborhood, people

who lived nearby and on the street, were presented with concentrated, intentional human movement that they normally didn’t see, or hadn’t ever seen before. Those practicing in the window were likewise effected in ways they couldn’t have anticipated. In retrospect, we realized that we had created an embodied public space–a form of sorts which refocuses and then reorganizes attention and awareness. The space was vitalized through shared experience and invited curiosity about our physical circumstances and body literacy.







Technology and Movement

How the intersection between technology and Yoga can reduce the gap between knowledge and action

As advances in technology and scientific progress change the way we understand ourselves, we are called to reconsider how we as individuals and a society make choices and take action. Dr. Jasprit Singh has researched extensively on the intersection between technology, our bodies and mind-states.   His insights lead toward practices and technologies that enhance mindfulness rather than reduce it.  During this interactive presentation, he will lead us in a practice of Veer Dhyan (meditation for the warrior), a series of movement-based pranayam (breath-work) techniques that bring the mind state to the state of wonder (vah), optimism (chardi kala), confident like a victor (jai), etc. Such tools are easy to learn and can be integrated into our daily lives.


Movement and Our Physiology

To Stretch or Not to Stretch!

Stretching is a popular and controversial topic among many health care professionals & athletes. The popular slogans “no pain, no gain” and “just breath into it” are euphemisms that often lead to injury. What is physically & physiologically happening when you stretch? When is it beneficial & what techniques are best? What keeps you from stretching as far as you may like? Learn about muscle function & the other body systems that play a prominent role in determining our range of motion. Join Jared Van Der Beek, P.T., L.A.c, I.M.T.c for this interactive talk and come ready to learn!


Changing the Trajectory

Re-energizing through non-linear movement

In modern life, we tend to live very linearly—inhabiting grids, achieving deadlines and counting reps at the gym. But even an arrow follows an arc in meeting its goal.  Physiologically our bodies are formed and then continually renewed through non-linear patterns of energy. Outside of our bodies, science observes how vibration, spirals and waves create the natural world. For our optimal well-being, we need to allow our bodies to move in accord with the circular patterns of life. Ancient practices like Qigong and modern ones like Body-Mind Centering® cultivate this reconnection. Join Sanghi Choi for some guided relaxation and movement to slow down, change the trajectory and re-energize to move with life in a different way.


The Brain is Part of the Body

Perception, presence,  and movement

Join a participatory discussion about the basic structures & functions of the brain, the relationship between the brain & movement, the experience of the brain as an organ & movement initiation from different sources.  Learn directly from your own experiences as Rebecca Haseltine guides you in simple sensory & somatic explorations.


Movement & Health Care

How Pilates and other movement modalities relate to our current health care system

Wellness & movement go hand in hand.  The UCSF Osher Center writes “Integrative medicine holds the power to improve public health & reduce care-related costs for our nation and beyond—ensuring a better health care future for all.”  Yet Pilates & other movement modalities currently have no city, state, or national licensure requirements to create standards of practice in the industry.  Please Join Tracey SylvesterNancy Myers & Marcelle Parry in a discussion about how to bridge the gap between movement modalities that have been recognized as  healing & preventative, and the facilities & communities they could so positively serve.

Live Music By YeYe Suarez and Musicians

“A theater music, dance and storytelling project that uses movement and rhythm form the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean to preserve the people’s history promote healing and speak of issues affecting the community. It’s not just a performance its an actual journey to get to one place” – KPFA Full Circle Show

Following a decade of traditional Afro-Colombian dance, Johanna “YeYe” Suarez began composing lyrics influenced by the rhythms of the African diaspora in Latin American. YeYe Ensemble incorporates many of the most vibrant Latin musical traditions. At We Are=Movement YeYe will illuminate important Latin American and global stories while demonstrating the value of understanding the complex inter-connectivity of ancestry inherited through oral tradition, music and of course…MOVEMENT!  Learn more about YeYe Suarez.


How Do We Move?

An Exploration of our Minds and Bodies from the Perspective of a NASA Robotics Researcher

Fusing cutting edge research from robotics, human physiology and neuroscience, this presentation explores the question of how we move.  This talk challenges commonly held assumptions about our physiology and leads to a fresh perspective about our bodies and provides insights into self-awareness and how we connect and interact with each other.  NASA Robotics Researcher Vytas SunSpiral will discuss the unique properties of tensegrity structures and how they appear to be a foundational part of our bodies and how we move.


Movement & the Public Sphere

The relationship Between Movement & Message

When we present ourselves to others, we often acknowledge the impact of our style of dress or choice of words. But how often do we consider how we actually move? We move on micro and macro levels. Movements includes posture and gesture as well how we approach a single person or a group of 500. In this interactive presentation with public & non-profit leadership vanguard Susie Richardson, you will have a chance to learn something about your own movement style and the movement choices you can make to deliver your message in a more effective way! It’s really amazingly simple!

Movement & Sounding

An invitation to explore how we make noise!

Why do small children spontaneously vocalize when they move their bodies?Hanna Takashige leads us in an exploration of how sounding can move us into deeper resonance with our selves and others.  “Building on her background as a singer, dancer and theater artist, she performed a kind of jazz riff, of connected sounds and expressions spanning a wide spectrum of possibilities, spontaneous, entirely nonverbal – and deeply emotive.” For Bay Boomers, Aging Is The Next Frontier, The Huffington Post


Energetic Movement

A perspective of the secret and sacred in yoga practice.

Ideally we harmonize our reaching into our selves with our reaching out of ourselves, to the so-called others. Rhythm matters. When the journey inward and the journey outward proceed at greatly uneven speeds, or when one leg of the trip is neglected, forgotten or has an accident, conflicts arise.  In an age where community, connectivity and accessibility are so widely celebrated, the value of that which is not to be shared is rarely considered.  Join Judith Hirt, M.Y.Ed as we consider it here, through the lens of yogic practice.


Butoh Perfomance: Body & Environment

“It is important to realize that our connection with our surroundings is not a static relationship, but is dynamic, alive.  We are constantly exerting an influence on our surroundings while our surroundings are constantly influencing us,” says Kinji Hayashi. Join visual aritist & performer Hayashi as he interweaves experiences of body, mind & memory with our varied environments.  This performance will use elements of modern & traditional theater & will be accompanied by live music by Ghost In The House – Tom Nunn on inventions, Dean Santomieri on resonator guitar and David Michalak on lap steel guitar. Listen here


public discourse

We Are = Movement speaks at various events & venues throughout the Bay Area.

We can never NOT be embodied.  No matter what your profession and interests, no matter where you’re from & what language you speak, what you choose, how you act & what you notice IS through the lens of the body.  It’s so obvious that we can overlook it.  CONTACT US ABOUT SPEAKING AT YOUR EVENT