Our Heartbeat Predecessors : Artists & exhibits

The heartbeat and it’s rhythm has been a source for artistic expression through varied media and time. Below are just a few exhibits and performances that explore the heartbeat toward similar and different aims:

A confession–our inspiration isn’t really with the heartbeat, but with the broader question of why people recognize their cities’ rhythms (for instance), but not their own. It’s a bit of a paradox, our aim is to set the conditions for self-awareness, not feed self-fascination. That’s why we are so excited for the public to be prompted to engage with their own heartbeat by engaging first with other people’s heartbeats.  Self-projection and self-promotion are alive and well in our culture.  We bump up against examples of both while walking down the street and even when having a private experience.  We’re playing with those ideas by consciously not satisfying people’s desire to project themselves (while being  comfortable with the fact that our performers are!) Instead we’re prompting people to notice inward, and be in-formed by the outward.  And to listen outward and be in-formed by the inward.