A few things to clarify

about your feet!

It’s one thing to intellectually understand about the feet, it’s another to understand the feet through movement.  It’s hard to feel anything if it rarely moves. Most of us have way more potential movement in our feet than we’ve experienced. Let’s explore…

Here's the deal...


Joints are moveable parts that are meant to be moveable.

 Any joint that’s not

moveable transfers forces (weight/gravitational pull/torque/etc) to the next moveable joint.

The more articulate your feet, the less forces will go to other places in your body where they’re not really designed to go.

26 bones in each foot =

33 moveable joints…

+  the spaces between the long metatarsal bones      

                                =41 joints/ foot

The more articulate your feet, the more surfaces you can walk over, the more environments you can relate to, the more grooves you can dance, the more choices you have everywhere else in your body and beyond.

That's what's so great about "Articulate" feet!

With all that movement potential, here’s some things to try:

  • Walk barefoot!
  • Move the bones of your feet around with your hands
  • Wash your feet in the middle of the day
  • Stand on varied textured surfaces
  • Ask a friend to stand on the soles of your feet while you lay on your belly
  • Imagine playing the piano with the roots of your toes (instead of the ball)
  • ‘Trace’ the surface of the foot bones with your hands–just bringing concentrated attention to your feet will change them.

And 1 more thing...there's a path of fascia that runs

All the way from the sole of the foot to the top of the skull

These pages are just the whetting stone…go find out about fascia & why the movements above have an effect all the way up the body! Here’s a few stepping stones…Enjoy!