It's important to understand that we're mostly...


Fascia is connective tissue, like muscle, tendon, ligament, etc.

But it's been thought of to be inconsequential, so our textbooks didn't talk about it...

Anatomy drawings don’t show it, when we’re operated on it’s cut through or scraped away.  But we’ve all experienced it.  And in the last 10 years fascia has been getting the attention it deserves…Below are some of the basics & some of the subtleties.

It connects every part of you to every part of you.

It's basically everywhere: around your muscles, around your organs, around your cells. Some specific areas, like the low back and hips are more dense with fascia than others.

fascia is a fluid system

It's a sol-gel, meaning it's able to change from being more cyrstal-like to liquid-esque. It is highly plastic and responsive to our movements

Here, it’s more fluid.

But it can dry out & 'glue' together

And drinking water isn't really the way to hydrate it...

Fascia is a sensory organ

and it's a communication system

Full of stress receptors, pain receptors and pleasure receptors

What? Why? How...

does this relate to me and everything I do?!

Here’s an article to go over some of the basics

and...we suggest you change shape (move your fascia around a little & give it a new experience)

...before exploring these videos