Sanghi Choi, Movement Educator

Sanghi Choi first fell in love with the body in movement while exploring yoga and dance as a teenager. A certified Somatic Movement Educator and Qigong teacher, she is very grateful to all of her teachers, especially the founder of Body-Mind Centering, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Medical Qigong Master, Dr. Bingkun Hu. Learn more

Katy Fox, Founder & Director, We Are=Movement

Katy Fox founded We Are=Movement after years of teaching, study, observation, discussion and practice of yoga, art and science. Underwhelmed by the public discourse about movement, Ms. Fox started We Are=Movement in as an effort to expand our collective understanding of the importance movement choice has in shaping ourselves and our society.  Katy practices and teaches yoga in San Francisco.

Rebecca Haseltine, Founder of Body Learning

Rebecca Haseltine crashed into solid objects with great frequency when she was a child.  Movement was how she thought, explored, and expressed herself.  Now, with Body Learning, Rebecca has practiced bodywork and movement therapy with children and adults for twenty years.  Rebecca is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist through the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association and is a Certified Somatic Therapist through the Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals.  She is also a Certified Body-Mind Centering (BMC®) Practitioner, and will become a Certified Teacher in 2012…Read more  Rebecca is also a visual artist working with somatic and environmental themes.  We Are=Movement is proud to exhibit her work.

Kinji Hayashi, Artist

Kinji Hayashi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Hayashi’s visual art and performances are evocative of his belief that although we often look at our body and environment as separate entities, fundamentally the two are inseparable.  He is currently a core member of a theater group “Incubator 16” in Berkeley, formed in 2008 with playwright, director, and producer Helen Pau. Hayashi also founded E-motion, utilizing image and sound to convey emotional messages to the world.  He is a graduate in Conceptual Design from San Francisco State University (1989).  He also studied photography in Japan, as well as video, film, Butoh and other theater forms in the U.S. Learn more.

Judith Hirt, M.Y.Ed

I started the practices of hatha and raja yoga in my teens and haven’t stopped yet. These practices provide the wherewithal to explore myself and the living world and have come to energetically shape, reshape and inform my moving forms of understanding. I am interested in almost everything, but hope to find myself some time in the stillness and silence where the dance and symphony of the “all there is” happen all at once.  I teach yoga, expecting each unique student practitioner to first imitate, then assimilate and, eventually, creatively generate a life practice not in conflict with yama and in increasing harmony with the yoga sutras and the ‘all there is.’ Learn more.

Nancy Myers, CPT

Nancy is a consultant for MBT shoes, a certified personal trainer and group exercise director.  She has a BS in International Business and is currently working on her masters in Holistic Nutrition.  Her Foot and Gait Mentorship program is underway at EHS and she constantly teaches internationally, both teacher trainings and continuing education workshops.  She has been interviewed and written about several times in the San Francisco Chronicle. Learn more

Marcelle Parry, Chiropractor & Certified Pilates Rehab and PMA Instructor

Marcelle Parry has spent the past twenty years studying the mechanics of the human body and continues to explore cutting edge therapeutic and rehabilitative techniques. She graduated from Palmer West Chiropractic College in 1991 and received her post graduate Chiropractic Sports Injury Practitioner certification in 1995. Marcelle is a Certified Somatics Practitioner, Pilates Rehabilitation Practitioner, Pilates Fitness Instructor, and ACSM Health and Fitness Instructor. She has also done extended studies in Applied Kinesiology and has recently completed Specialty certifications in Pilates Golf Conditioning, Pilates Post Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, and has worked extensively with pre/post surgical rehabilitation, and Osteoporosis clients. Learn more

Susie Richardson

For much of Susie’s career in public and non-profit leadership, she thought her body was merely something to hang clothes on. In 1999, she  stumbled upon Contact Improvisation and developed a love of movement that has given her life new dimensions and meaning. As a movement educator (Moving on Center), somatic practitioner (Body-Mind Centering®), she explores both the intuitive and informative aspects of our movement patterns. One area of fascination, is the link between our movement choices and our effectiveness as advocates and public speakers.

Jasprit Singh, Professor, Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Jasprit Singh (Ph. D Physics, University of Chicago, 1980) explores using semiconductors for technologies that form the basis of “The Knowledge Age.” His additional research interests blend technology and ideas from yoga and meditation to explore new designs and practices intended to answer the question, “How can the intersection of best lessons in technology and yoga expand knowledge and reduce the gap between knowledge and action?” The answers would lead towards practices and technologies that enhance mindfulness.Jasprit is a Professor of Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. Learn more

Vytas SunSpiral, Senior Robotics Researcher

Vytas SunSpiral is a Senior Robotics Researcher in the Intelligent Robotics Group within the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center.   He is currently leading efforts within the group to develop new biologically inspired robotic systems which interact safely with humans and the environment. In parallel with his career in robotics research, Vytas has been a life-long student of human motion in many forms, including yoga, dance, martial arts, and (consequently) many forms of physical therapy. Learn More.

Tracey Sylvester, Co-owner of EHS Pilates/ Co- Founder of United Pilates Collective

Tracey is an fifteen year resident of the Mission District and has been dancing for the local go-go dance group The Devil-Ettes, as The Rebel, for ten. She has always had the desire to own a business in the Mission, and is thrilled to have achieved that dream. Tracey’s passion is to bring a sense of community to EHS Pilates and give her clients an oasis from the day-to-day city grind. Tracey also believes that a Pilates studio can be fully integrated by incorporating a wellness center; focusing on energy, health, and strength. She is passionate about the EHS Mission Collective annual events at EHS; bringing the SF art, music and performance community together to celebrate neighborhood, community and culture. Learn More

Hanna Takashige, creator of Moving Into the Circle™

Hanna Takashige created Moving Into the Circle™, a catalyzing form of touch and interaction, in response to a relative’s dementia and social isolation.  A somatic movement educator, therapeutic touch practitioner, and performing artist, Hanna currently serves as director of Well Spring Project, a program of the educational, non–profit, Center for Changing Systems.  Hanna leads lively, interactive demonstrations and trainings in embodied sound, touch and movement. She recently presented at the first Poetics of Aging conference held in San Francisco. Learn More

Jared Van Der Beek, P.T., L.A.c, I.M.T.c

Jared is an enthusiastic practitioner who loves what he does because he can help people achieve their own goals. Jared grew up in Connecticut and was a three sport athlete who spent a fair share of time in the training room rehabilitating from his injuries. That is where he developed his passion to help athletes get back to the sports they love as quickly as possible. By working through his own personal barriers he realized how much he enjoyed working not only with athletes but helping each individual achieve his or her personal goals and achieve the life they want to live. He is a very motivated person with a strong desire to continue learning and to integrate that knowledge into his practice. After practicing physical therapy on the east coast, Jared moved to San Francisco to pursue a degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and now runs his own company called Physiopuncture.



(Photographs of Kinji Hayashi by Robert Berg)