Embodiment | Heart

The heartbeat is universal beyond nationality, gender, race; it needs—and has—no direct translation. Hearing music, the intonation of a human voice, the lyrics of song or the words of debate can provoke a deeply personal response, making us ‘feel’ ourselves and others more; hearing the heartbeat does the same in a profoundly tangible way. Before assigning, adopting or perpetuating any prescribed meaning, feeling ones heartbeat is first and foremost a direct experience. In this way, the heartbeat speaks to the very essence of embodiment. Heartbeats change rate and rhythm in response to our environment, they also sync between people when singing, dancing, emoting. Far beyond the pumping of blood, the heart effects us profoundly on every physical, physiological, intellectual level. Everyone can feel its beat, doing so is an embodied experience that can be used as a springboard to feeling other parts of ourselves that we haven’t yet brought our attention to.