EHS Pilates and We Are=Movement

We are very fortunate to have a great list of community sponsors for our upcoming lecture and event series. The team at EHS Pilates not only signed up to help us as a sponsor, they are on the lecture schedule as speakers and have sent great practitioners our way for the practice gallery.  They have been a great help in getting this  event off the ground, and we are proud to have them as a sponsor.

“The work being done by EHS Pilates represents a direction in the movement world we support,” says Katy Fox, Founder and Director of We Are=Movement, “Their sponsorship of our event is an important element to spreading our message.”  Over nine nights, from April 20th – 29th 2012, an assorted list of speakers will discuss the ways in which movement choice shapes ourselves and our society.  The lecture series will feature thought leaders in the areas of Physical Therapy, Pilates, Dance, Yoga, Computer Science, Physics, Education and Health.
EHS Pilates is more than just a Pilates studio. In addition to a deep commitment to their community, they are internationally recognized educators in the body-arts. “Our sponsorship of We Are=Movement is closely tied to our own initiatives, “says Tracey Sylvester, Co-Owner of EHS Pilates, “and our inclusion in their lecture series, as both sponsors and presenters, gives us another forum from which to communicate our goals.”  Tracey Sylvester, along with Nancy Myers and Marcelle Perry, will be speaking on April 25th about their efforts to expand the role of movement professionals in health care.

The lecture series will be free to the public beginning at 7PM each evening at 3344 24th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District.  The 10 day event will kick off with an opening reception featuring art by Rebecca Haseltine and music by member of the Bay Area Gypsy Jazz band, Gaucho.