What is a Practice Gallery?

A Practice Gallery showcases different movement practitioners who move through their daily practice inside of a public space that can be viewed but not entered.

By literally making a range of practices visible to the public as they/we walk down the street, We Are=Movement aims to begin and grow a discussion about how we move our bodies effects ourselves, our communities and the choices we make as a society.

Here, we offer examples of practices that require significant, sincere intention and time.  We grow–and grow into–practice; we also grow into habit.  Read below about participating dancers, yogis, musicians, martial artists, as well as those who move through the same kinds of movement for hours each day.

Start Your Own Practice Gallery!  Or encourage us to put on another!

Are you a dancer, body-arts practitioner, circus performer, musician,  athlete  or someone with a unique daily movement practice and would like to share your practice with the public?  Or, are you a building owner with an empty storefront you’d be willing to donate for a few days (and call attention to your space)?  If so, we can help connect you.

Please send us a brief description of where you are, who you are, what you do, and why you think movement should be a necessary part of our public discourse.  Scroll to bottom of page for contact form!

3344 24th Pop Up Event Practice Gallery: Featured Practitioners
Mystie Cho

Mystie Cho is a highly energetic Pilates trainer who believes and demonstrates the true movement principles of, Mobilize – Stabilize -Strengthen in her daily practice. From ballroom dancing and martial arts background, Mystie possesses unique training skills that are properly structured to provide muscular power with corresponding endurance without the physical fatigue and mental strain.  Learn more

Rachel Lanzerotti, Somatic Educator

On any given day in a fairly empty room, Rachel may be found sitting, standing, walking, or lying down. In her San Francisco Bay Area practice, Five Rivers Yoga, she teaches personalized Hatha, restorative, therapeutic, and mindful yoga, as well as mindfulness meditation. Yoga’s vital ease and meditation’s mindful awakenings stream together into her dedication to peace, well-being, and freedom. Find Rachel at Five Rivers Yoga.

Kinji Hayashi, Artist

Kinji Hayashi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Hayashi’s visual art and performances are evocative of his belief that although we often look at our body and environment as separate entities, fundamentally the two are inseparable.  He is currently a core member of a theater group “Incubator 16” in Berkeley, formed in 2008 with playwright, director, and producer Helen Pau. Hayashi also founded E-motion, utilizing image and sound to convey emotional messages to the world.  He is a graduate in Conceptual Design from San Francisco State University (1989).  He also studied photography in Japan, as well as video, film, Butoh and other theater forms in the U.S. Learn more.

Judith Hirt, M.Y.Ed

I started the practices of hatha and raja yoga in my teens and haven’t stopped yet. These practices provide the wherewithal to explore myself and the living world and have come to energetically shape, reshape and inform my moving forms of understanding. I am interested in almost everything, but hope to find myself some time in the stillness and silence where the dance and symphony of the.  Learn more.

Scott P. Phillips

Scott P. Phillips teaches traditional Chinese martial arts, which he began studying when we was 10 years old.  Instead of summer-camp, his parents sent him to a Buddhist monastery.  His life long study of history, spontaneity, and Daoism is a regular part of his teaching.  I’ll be performing a spontaneous combination of Tai Chi, Xinyiquan (heart/mind fist), Qigong, Performance Daoyin, and Baguazhang. Learn more at NorthStarMartialArts.com and my blog Weakness with a Twist


ClownSnotBombs is a non-profit community circus troupe that believes joy and laughter are a fundamental human right. Our mission is to provide quality affordable entertainment and learning opportunities for all Bay Area communities. Our variety-style shows include comedic skits, unicycle dancing, acrobatics, juggling, musical numbers, and much much more. Our members include classically trained acrobats, clowns and musicians as well as self taught street performers, youth, and first time performers.  Learn more at www.clownsnotbombs.com

Katy Fox, Founder & Director of We Are=Movement

Katy Fox founded We Are=Movement after years of teaching, study, observation, discussion and practice of yoga, art and science. Underwhelmed by the public discourse about movement, Ms. Fox started We Are=Movement in as an effort to expand our collective understanding of the importance movement choice has in shaping ourselves and our society.  Katy practices and teaches yoga in San Francisco.  She will be sharing Hatha yoga practice throughout the week.

Rebecca Haseltine, Founder of Body Learning

Rebecca Haseltine crashed into solid objects with great frequency when she was a child.  Movement was how she thought, explored, and expressed herself.  Now, with Body Learning, Rebecca has practiced bodywork and movement therapy with children and adults for twenty years.  Rebecca is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist through the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association and is a Certified Somatic Therapist through the Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals.  She is also a Certified Body-Mind Centering (BMC®) Practitioner, and will become a Certified Teacher in 2012…Read more  Rebecca is also a visual artist working with somatic and environmental themes.  We Are=Movement is proud to exhibit her work.  www.rebeccahaseltine.com.

Moana Luna, M.S., Certified Pilates Instructor

Moana started seriously working out to battle stress while attending graduate school at SFSU. After graduating with a degree in Counseling, she worked in the mental health field and continued to practice yoga, boxing, weight training, and Pilates. She became a Personal Trainer, and then in 2007, went on to complete the Pilates Teacher Training Program at Ellie Herman Studio. Moana is especially fascinated by the positive impact of exercise on her clients’ mental and emotional health. She also delights in providing a sweaty total body work out that incorporates Pilates principles such as coordination, concentration, and alignment into a program that can be applied to all forms of movement, exercise,
sports training, and everyday activities.

(Photographs of Kinji Hayashi by Robert Berg, Photographs of Rachel Lanzerotti ©2010 Rachel Lanzerotti)


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