We started We Are Movement in 2012 with a week-long Pop-Up Event in a storefront in the Mission District of San Francisco.  We set up “The Practice Gallery,” in which people shared their private movement practices in view of the public.  It wasn’t a performance, a class or a rehearsal. For the duration of a week, people walking to work, people working in the neighborhood, people who lived nearby & on the street, were presented with concentrated, intentional movement that they normally didn’t see. Or hadn’t ever seen before. Those practicing were likewise effected in ways they couldn’t have anticipated. We also asked people from varied fields to share their work with the public through the lens of the body. Participants included a NASA robotics engineer, a violinist, a public speaker on education reform & a professor of applied sciences.

In retrospect, we realized that we had created an Embodied Public Space–a form of sorts which refocuses & then reorganizes attention & awareness. The space was vitalized through shared experience & invited curiosity about our physical circumstances.

We create spaces & exhibits that bring the fact that “everything we do, we do through movement” into our collective awareness & experience. The context that most people learn about their bodies & apply that knowledge is limited. When it comes to the body, most conversations we initiate or overhear, most articles or blogs that we read are overwhelmingly agonistic, framed by health, wellness, fitness or science. Or the focus is on athletic or theatrical performance, most often separated from us by a gulf of expertise. For us it’s not about bringing yoga to the streets or wellness to the workplace. That’s somehow still too within the present frame, and not public or playful enough. Changing the context of where & when we learn about our bodies, & how we directly engage with our bodies, & each other, is key for We Are Movement.

Corey Krehel

"There's a way to do this." Corey is the Chief Technology Officer of D-Tools. He lends his technological & creative skills to We Are Movement. Corey is intrigued by finding the most elegant and simple ways to bring this untraditional work to the public.  .

Katy Fox

Katy began We Are Movement after 12 years of teaching yoga. Her own training has been unique, including earning a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, one-on-one in-depth mentorships & trainings in Hatha Yoga & philosophy with Judith Hirt, M.Y. Ed, Embodied Anatomy with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen & a 15-year dedicated movement practice.


Our thanks to friends, neighbors & colleagues who have donated their time and energy during our various projects. We are expanding our reach & community in 2016, follow us to participate and stay up to date on our projects!