• The sound of 2 heartbeats is perhaps the only auditory and felt experience shared by every human on earth.

    Can you feel your heart?

    An Embodied Anatomy MOBL Exhibit: SF

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  • We Are = Movement Creates Embodied Public Spaces

    What does that mean?
  • Introducing...MOBL

    Musuem of Body Literacy

    MOBL is a public, mobile institution that showcases body-literacy

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  • Consider for a moment

    How this Tangle Came to Be

    It took us only a minute or two to make this tangle of lines & curves. Now think of how long it would take to UNTANGLE them. Over a lifetime, think of the # of movements you have made. Our movements can foster openness & they can lead to tangle. We all have some of both. How might you begin the untangling process?

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  • Picture it:

    How a bat meets a ball. A subtle facial expression. The slightest acceleration with your foot on the gas pedal. Sex.

    Can you make a subtle adjustment in your movement that will make a huge difference?

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"Everything we do, we do through movement."

-Twyla Tharp


 Soundscape of the Human Heart:

 Thank you to our supporters for helping make these 1st embodied public spaces a reality